Thursday, June 19, 2008

fun give-aways...

over at according-to-kelly...all month long. check it out! yeah, so I guess that's a directive to you, know...since you're likely the only one still looking in. ;)

Monday, June 9, 2008

New template....

If you hate it, let Jen D. know. I'll change it back. No problemo! That's IF anyone comes by this place anymore....

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Vintage Peebles Prints

Wanna try it out? Well, skip on down to the link, but don't freak out if you can't read it! Just upload your photo, click the blue button below the dialog box and wait. Once it's processed, you can copy and paste to your computer. No charge! FREE! WHOO-HOO!

photography time wasters (as found on "how about orange...")

Photo "shiz" at Photojojo. For DIY projects and more.

Thursday, May 1, 2008


i'm the lame gal sending/forwarding links like a nutty...or a shut-in. completely filling up email boxes with things that make me say, "OOOH! I bet so-and-so would DIG this!" and i can't do it any more...i think they've gotten used to deleting what i send. ;) so...i thought i'd just put a few things case anyone still visits HERE! it's been a while.

okay, okay...ready? here's what i got:

natural hair care + make-up
Baking soda no-poo recipe/directions

Organic make-up w/super cheap sample prices!
homemade microwave popcorn

art + craft
Turn your kiddos' art into a poster (might be an easier/less expensive way to do it. a great idea for holiday gifts to grandparents - select a piece from each grandkid.)

Make mermaid tales for your little girl's dolls. This is comes from the blog of Amy Karol, the author of this book. I've been to a LOT lately...and most of these links were mentioned in posts I've found there.

i'm sure i'll find more...but this is all i've got time to post today. for those of you who's email i've jammed up with "oh, lookie what i found" messages, my apologies for the pesting. future passive aggressive sharing will appear here. :)

happy thursday!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy birthday, Ann!

A very happy birthday to Ann!
Hope it is a fantastic day!
Love & hugs,
Your sisters in WINE


On a trip to Target (made out of necessity I assure you), I ran in to Jen Peebles, our dear fellow WINE-ness (WINE-o is kind of male and dirty, WINE-ness is all goddess and lovely). She was killing time during ballet. Don't we ALL kill time in Target? There SO needs to be a 12-step program.

ANYWAY, in her hand were the above pictured clothes. The shirt was on super sale, $2, the shorts I think were $4. She admitted that she wasn't sure why she was buying them. At those prices, who could blame her, right? Not me. Besides, we have a GIRLS' SWAP coming up...I figured they might make there way in. ;)

After a few minutes of chit-chat, she head off in search of hairspray and I continued my quest for sanity.

I eventually made my way down the long side aisle of travel toiletries. And BAM-O! The same Jenny Bobenny outfit...hanging in front of the cotton balls. Now, I know that Target has those obscure locations for discounted goods, but I was pretty sure no employee would have left clothes here. Nope.

I laughed out loud at the sight. It was like finding Jen's scrawl in a bathroom stall “Jenny Bo Benny was here!” I was packing my camera from Abby's earlier parks and rec class. Knowing Jen's love for all things photography, I thought she'd appreciate how I collected the "evidence". I got a few odd looks from some of the shoppers.

Jen exercised GREAT restraint! I mean…a $2 shirt?! a $4 pair of super cute Bermuda shorts?! I almost bought them for her…as a reward. But I left it there, as a marker for potential WINE members shopping the discount section of Target. They, too, can resist the need for seizing a bargain, tucking that money away for the "Two Buck Chuck".

Way to go Jen! You're an inspiration, a trendsetter, the wind beneath our collectively poor wings! ;)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A new addition to the afternoon W.I.N.E. and playdates...

I LOVE THIS WINE! Haven't had any and I honestly don't know that I care. I'll be bringing a bottle to the next W.I.N.E. event. If it tastes like ass....

you can "bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch and BITCH SOME MORE!" LOL